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Federico Tovoli

Born in Livorno, Italy, but citizen of the world by vocation. Traveller since his early days, professional photographer all his life. Since 1990 he’s in the world of editorial photography His job consists in building stories through images. In few words " to do reportages". He’s created photoreportages in almost all European countries, as well as in India, Thailandi, Laos and all South America. His work was published on major italians magazines and also on french, german, dutch, belgian, portuguese, spanish, russian, czech, U.S, colombian, peruan and argentinian magazines. Since 1992 he also teaches the art of photography, from basics to photoreportage. He lives between Tuscany and the rest of the world.

Che cos’è la fotografia di viaggio

la fotografia di viaggio
La fotografia di viaggio Con questo termine generalmente s’intende quel tipo di fotografia di terre più o meno lontane. Sempre raggiunte durante un’esperienza di ricerca o semplicemente di evasione dalla propria quotidianità. Con la terminologia si rischia sempre di confonderci.…