Hello and welcome to my new adventure. Photography is my job since i was 21, that is, since 1984¦ I believe that, as any other freelance job, it doesn’t leave much room for anything else, so one must devote himself to it the most part of the day, week, life.

But, at the same time, one must not be swallowed up by this job, one must not get to a point where it’s hated, because if one hate this damn job, one can never take good pictures.

This is why i like to talk about photography just like i was used to in my early days. I’ve decided to tell everyone what’s behind some of my best pictures, mixing together anecdotes, their context and techniques.

Every monday   there will be a new picture. This blog will feature something new in the  24 hours of each monday  (i might as well be in other time zones, then i can almost always guarantee the date but not the time).

Check your preferred language, enjoy reading and watching, and feel free to comment.