When i spent three days in the newest of the three mennonite comunities in the western part of Paraguay, i just had 11 minutes of sun: that’s when i took this picture. I was going back to the hotel when i realized that the sun was coming out of the clouds just a few minutes before the sunset. It was the right time for me to capture the daily life of that outpost of civilization in the Chaco desert, so i set myself near a crossroad facing the wide open countryside. I used slow speed in order to achieve something special. Some people asked me if this picture had been photoshopped, but no, the colors are real and strong and the foregrounding sharp green is simply due to a chromatic imbalance between the fluorescence of the public lighting and the real light.

Year 2007. Camera Nikon D100. Diaphragm  4      speed 1/3“      Lens Nikkor 12-24 f 4

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