This photo is perhaps the only one that was taken without it being part of an assignment or a self made photo reportage. Here where i live, Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy, the religious ceremony of the Accolta is maybe the only historic tradition that remains intact since the days when tourism was the only economic resource of this island. During the morning of the Good Friday a parishioners exchange between twin villages takes place. The congregation of San Piero in Campo goes and pray inside the church of Salnt Ilario in Campo and viceversa. They all go in procession and it may happen before dawn, if Easter occurs late in the calendar. I was teaching a photography class and my students insisted to go and take pictures the event. I seized the opportunity. I had no other way to shoot than by using the flash in open mode in order to catch the very first weak lights of dawn. Year 2007. Camera Nikon D100. Diaphragm f 5,6. Time 1“. Lens Nikkor 12-24mm.