I guess it was my first of five days spent in a small village where Ernesto Che Guevara was killed back in 1967. The place is still a very poor village lost in the mountains Of Southern Bolivia. Pictures of Che Guevara and his soldiers are eveywhere. I got acquainted with local kids and Jorge Luis was intrigued by the changing of numbers of the exposure counter of my camera anytime i was varying the compression algorhythm (i explained to him the theory of compression using an A4 size sheet of paper). The strange dualism between Che and the Cross had already made me take a few pictures, but with Jorge Luis and the moon just up in the sky, i couldn’t help but taking one more. This picture has always been hard to manipulate in the post-production phase.

Year 2006, camera Nikon D100 diaphragm   4  speed 1/125”  lens Nikkor 80-200

Story :