I was staying inside that farm that was impounded to the Mafia. I have been staying there with two other guys, Arianna and Ned, for 2 days in a row, waiting for a new bunch of volunteers and getting bored in the meantime. My project was about portraying the great movement of volunteers coming from all parts of the nation to the Southern Italy countryside, to the great lands confiscated to Mafia and now being farmed by social cooperatives in the name of law and order. I had to show the idea of a place where new legality has now overrun the ancient illegality, thus highlighting the beauty of this movement through my shoots. We were put to pull weeds from a vineyard, so i told Arianna to pull them toward me, which she did several times. The use of the fill-in flash was mandatory because the sun was definitely high in the sky.

The result has been greatly appreciated so that the picture made the front cover of an italian magazine and became the iconic image of the volunteering campaing.
Year 2009 camera Nikon D300s Diaphragm 11 speed 1/250 lens Nikkor 12-24
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