During my reportage about the traditional uses of the coca leaves in Bolivia, I got acquainted with the great family clan led by the “cocalero” and trade unionist Abel Alarcon. I also took part in the harvest and all the other stages of processing of coca leaves before their sale at the La Paz wholesale market. This picture portraits Abel staring happily at the harvest. The problem was that the great sack was by a door with a wing that was stuck in closed position. The only source of light in the room was coming from a window in the back. Hence I had no choice but to bounce back a flash with a miniscreen on the front side and exposure meter reading on the far away wall. Year 2006. Camera Nikon D100. Diaphragm 10  Time 1/3″  Lens 12-24 mm AF-D.

whole story : http://federicotovoli.photoshelter.com/gallery/Cocaleros-BOLIVIA/G0000Govz06dmpBk/C0000hKMUV0CJoXs